Best Android App to Optimize your Phone Bettery

If you are a smartphone user, then you might face battery low issue everyday. As we all know, huge number of apps are released and updated every day in this smartphone world. It doesn't matter if you are an android phone user, iPhone user or any other smartphone user, you might feel that your phone battery is using up more power.

Nowadays very high end games and apps are being released for smartphones. These apps and games require huge resources from your smartphone to run smoothly like good RAM, battery charge, etc.. So when you install this kind of games and apps, phone battery gets low in short time.

But still we can save phone battery's life by few extra minutes or hours even after installing those high resource eating apps and games using some well optimized battery saver applications. So in this post I'm going to introduce an android application which will save your phone battery at its best to keep the phone alive by some extra minutes to hours.

DU Battery saver is an android app, which can optimize your phone's performance to save the phone battery to long life. So let's see what are the features it has and how to optimize it.

Features of the App

One click optimize for better battery saver

Once you install the application in your phone, you can optimize whole phone's performance and apps by just one click.

You can setup energy usage as your wish with custom mode feature.

Keep your phone cool

One of the best feature of this app is, keep your phone cool by monitoring the phone's resource usages like CPU, RAM and other hardware parts.

Battery usage monitor and saver

This app will watch your phone's apps so closely to identify which apps consume more battery charge when they are running in phone. Also this battery saver app can stop the apps running in background and consume the battery charge without any requirement.

Download the App From Here

If you're looking for a well optimized battery saver app, then this is the best solution for you.
How to Recover Deleted Files in Android?

How to Recover Deleted Files in Android?

Today we are going to look into another android application which is very smart to recover your deleted photos / video, contact numbers or SMS from android phone. I have already written an article on how to recover deleted files from android which can be used on root and non-rooted android devices. 

But today I’m going to introduce an android recovery application which is can be purely used only in rooted android devices. As we all know, if we root our android phone, we can customize the phone as we would like it to be. So if the device is rooted, we can scan the device very deeply than normal scan for deleted files on it.

Dr.Fone is a perfect application for rooted android phone to perform a deep scan for deleted files. Let’s see what the features available on this application are and how to use it.

Features of the application

Recover deleted messages – Recover deleted SMS is one of the main feature on this application. In case, you delete any important SMS which has your bank account password or any other important information, then Dr.Fone is the best application to recover it as soon as possible.
Once the scan is completed, you can restore recovered SMS to original messaging application/ Google drive or Dropbox.

Recover deleted contacts – You can scan the device for deleted contact numbers. Once the contact numbers are recovered successfully, you can save them directly to the default contact app or Google drive/ drop box.

Recover photos and videos – This is the main feature of this application. You can scan for deleted files from the android phone.

Following photo and video format can be scanned for recovery through this application.

Photo format - JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF,TIFF.

Video format - MP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, FLV, RM/RMVB, M4V, 3G2, SWF.

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Please note, this android recovery application will not work in non-rooted devices.
How to Activate Reliance Jio Unlimited Internet Plan?

How to Activate Reliance Jio Unlimited Internet Plan?

Hello friends..! Today I'm going to share an information related to most trending topic in India. Yes You're right.. Its about Reliance Jio. As we all know, Reliance Jio has launched their most terrific internet data plan recently which made everyone to talk about it.

So today let's see how to get Jio unlimited internet plan for any android devices. It doesn't matter your android device is rooted or not. All you need is just a Jio sim card. Follow the below mentioned step to active Jio unlimited internet plan on your android device.

How to active Jio unlimited internet plan on any device?

First of all, uninstall current Jio application from your mobile and clear all cache.

Then download the Jio app's old version which has the feature of "Get Jio Sim". Use Jio sim to download the app, not wifi.
After the installation, switch off mobile data.

Then open My Jio app and select My Jio from the list. Now it will show as 'No internet connection'.

Now fill the details on Sign up screen and switch on mobile data before complete the registration process.

After that, Jio app will ask you to sign in to your account. (Don't sign in)

Now close the Jio app (from task manager also) and start it again. Install all the listed apps.

Once you install all the apps, again close all the apps from task manager.

Now switch off data again and open My Jio app from app list. You will get an option as 'Get Jio Sim' and click on it.

Now a message will appear as 'No internet connection'. Switch on your mobile data and sign in to your account.

That's it. Now you will get a popup window to get unlimited data, call and SMS. Click on it and submit the request.

Download My Jio Old Version Here

Please note, Jio will take minimum 24 hours to active your data plan.
How to Increase Download Speed in Reliance Jio Using VPN

How to Increase Download Speed in Reliance Jio Using VPN

Internet has become an important factor in our daily life. Internet helps us to fulfill our daily tasks conveniently in many situations like to pay our bills online, to get in touch with our loved ones through social media and messenger networks.

Telecom companies have understood the requirement of internet among global people and started to offer huge internet plans at very cheap rate to stay in the market. Among these competitive telecom network’s internet offers, Reliance Jio stands out with their tariff 4G internet plans which is very cheap when compared to other internet providers in India.

Reliance Jio launched their unlimited 4G data plans recently and from 5th September, the 4G preview offer will be limited to 4GB per day. That means, users can download files and browse internet at 4 GB speed until the usage reach 4GB and once the limitation is crossed, speed will go down to 128Kbps. But today we are going to introduce a trick to bypass this limitation and you can enjoy 4-6 Mbps even after crossing the 4GB limit from Reliance Jio.

How to increase download speed in Relaince Jio

First of all install the DownloadSnap VPN for your android phone from google playstore.
Then, download any files, movies or any large video files through Relaince Jio internet.

While the download process is running in the background, start the VPN application which you installed in your phone already.

Now connect to any nearest server like India, USA or France. 

I highly suggest you to connect with any Indian server from Downloadsnap VPN.

That's it..! Once you connected to the VPN, your download speed will increase up to double.

Download the VPN from Here

If you're unable to connect with Indian server, you can connect to any other servers randomly by select the VPN manually.
How to Find Unknown WiFi Password From a Network

How to Find Unknown WiFi Password From a Network

Nowadays we mostly use WiFi over the smartphone to access the internet. WiFi has become like basic needs of human. All the smart devices are coming with in-build WiFi enabled feature. You can see WiFi networks everywhere from living home to airport or other public places. WiFi has became such an important thing among all the internet users. While most of the WiFi networks are configured with higher security algorithm which is not possible to hack easily, some WiFi networks are configured without any security policy. For example, most of the home WiFi networks are protected with secured password system but public or free WiFi networks are open to access by anyone.

So in this post, I'm going to introduce an application which will help you to find out the WiFi password of certain WiFi network in case if you forget. For example, if you forget your home WiFi network password and you don't have access to the router, this app will be very useful to find the password of your home network.

Features of the application

You can send 'connect auto pin' request to find the unknown WiFi password.

If not, you can send 'manual pin' or 'custom pin' request to find the password of certain WiFi network.

This application works in both rooted and non rooted android devices. But if your android device is rooted, then you can get the maximum use of it. If your android phone is not rooted, the app will display only default WPS.

Following algorithms are used by this app.

Vodafone arcadyan
And added default pin of many other routers

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Please note, this app works perfectly only in rooted devices.
Identify Unknown Caller with Truecaller Application

Identify Unknown Caller with Truecaller Application

We do use several application is our android phone related to calls and SMS. Today I'm coming with an application to identify the unknown caller name. Yeah that is non other than truecaller application. As we all know, truecaller application is available for android, iOS and windows phone. Truecaller application is used by millions of smartphone users around the globe. If you get an unknown call to your smartphone, with the help of this application, most of the time, you can identify the unknown caller's name.

Features of this application

You can find the caller name of saved contacts and unknown numbers.

You can block unwanted calls and messages.

You can search any unknown number or name with this app.
You can start calling from this app directly with its own dial pad.

This app can scan the whole call list in your phone and identify unknown numbers..

You can check whether you friend is free or not to speak right now.

If someone upload their photo in truecaller app, you will be displayed his/ her photo when they ring you.

More information:
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Please note, your phone need internet access to use this app in realtime.
How to Read WhatsApp Message Without Go Online

How to Read WhatsApp Message Without Go Online

Here I'm coming with one of the super cool trick for Whatsapp lovers. As we all know, Whatsapp is one of the most used messenger platform among smartphone users. It's very hard to find a smartphone without Whatsapp application within it. That much, Whatsapp has created a craze among the smartphone users.

So in this post, I'm going reveal a hidden trick of Whatsapp, which will allow you to read any Whatsapp messages without getting online. In some situation, we might want to read someone's message without knowing them that we have already read it.

Normally, if someone send us a message via Whatsapp, they will get notified with blue tick once we read their message. This is one of the most wanted feature for all the messenger networks since we will get to know once our friend or relatives read our message. But sometimes this feature turns into a headache for us. So let's see, how to read Whatsapp messages without going online. All you need to do is, simply install the app on your android smart phone which will allow you to read Whatsapp messages without going online.

This app is very straight forward and it works as incognito for your Whatsapp to read them without opening the official Whatsapp application in your android. Once you install the application, you will need to allow permission to access your Whatsapp messages to read it an incognito mode.

So from now, if your friend or relative send you a Whatsapp message, you can read their message through incognito mode, without opening the official Whatsapp application. When you read the Whatsapp message in incognito mode with this application, there will be no blue tick shown the sender from your official Whatsapp app.

Please note, this trick is only applicable for android smartphone users.
Phone is Stolen? Find the Thief with his Photo and Location

Phone is Stolen? Find the Thief with his Photo and Location

Today I'm going introduce an another important app for your android smartphone. This app might be very useful for android phone when coming to the security of your phone. We do install many antivirus apps to protect our smartphone from viruses. But in this article I'm not going to suggest you another antivirus app for your phone. In this post, lets see an important security measure to protect your android phone from theft.

Nowadays smartphones are coming with plenty of wonderful features and apps. In that list, Today I'll introduce an app which can show you the thief in case, your phone is stolen by someone. 

This is so cool. isn't it? Not only the thief's photo, this app also shows you the location of the phone through gps (if the phone gps system is enabled).

Lets have a look, how this app works to find the thief.
First of all you will need to install the application to your android smartphone. Once you install and enable the app,it will start to track all the unusual activities. If I tell you deeply, this app is able to take a selfie of phone user, if he/ she fails to unlock the screen after few attempts. For example,

If you fail to unlock your phone screen lock after 3 attempts, the app will take a selfie of you through phone's front camera and send the picture to the email ID which has already been setup in the app. Also if the gps location service is enabled in the phone, the app will send the photo of the person who tried to unlock the phone and the current location of him/ her.

So this app is very useful in a situation where your phone is stolen by someone. Say, someone is stole your android phone and tried to unlock the phone without knowing your pin code or pattern lock and failed to unlock the phone even after 3 or 4 attempts. In such a situation this app will act very quickly and take a selfie of the phone user and send it to your email ID.

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Please note, this app is only applicable for android smartphone users.
Find Out the Unknown Caller with Their Photo

Find Out the Unknown Caller with Their Photo

Hello friends. Ndroidian blog proudly present you one of the best app today. We do use several apps in our android phone for different purposes. Each apps in our phone has its unique motto. 

So in this post, I'm going to introduce you an important android app for your smartphone which is able to track the unknown caller with their photo. Are you wondering how we can get the caller's photo in our phone screen? I'll put it simple on you. 

This caller photo application is designed by Facebook team and this app is able to show callers photo based on their Facebook profile picture. Say, someone has updated their phone number in their Facebook profile and if the same person is calling you from his number, you will displayed his Facebook profile photo while getting his/ her call.

All you need to do is get this caller photo app to android smartphone and register into it with your details such as name and phone number. Once you activate the app, if any unknown person is calling you from a phone number which has been updated in Facebook database, simply you will be displayed his/ her Facebook profile picture with some other details.

This application is not available for most of the countries in google play store. But you can get this app directly and start using it to identify the unknown callers. Please note that you will need an internet connection to display the caller photo while getting an unknown call.

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Please note, this app is only support for android devices.
Best Antivirus Protection from Viruses and Malware for Your Android Device

Best Antivirus Protection from Viruses and Malware for Your Android Device

We are using many antivirus software on our computer and smartphone to protect them from harmful viruses and malware. Viruses or malware can make our computer/ smartphone to poor performance or it can even lead to data loss.

So we must take care of our smartphone and computers from harmful viruses. In this post, I will discuss about one of the best antivirus protection for your android smart phone. If you go through google play store, you will find several antivirus protection application for android smartphone. So choosing the right antivirus app to your android phone is always a smart challenge.

When you choose an antivirus for your smartphone or computer, you must concentrate on the speed of the device after the installation. So while choosing the best antivirus, it's important to consider the speed of the device. Some antivirus may give you the best protection for your smartphone but on other end it might make you device very slow.

But AVG antivirus for android isn't like that. It gives the best security from harmful viruses to your android smartphone while also gives you few more useful features. App Lock - Locks and protects all your apps from others access.

App Backup - You can backup all the application on your android phone to SD card.

Camera Trap - This feature is very useful in a situation when your phone is stolen by someone or when someone tries to access without knowing the correct pattern lock or passcode. In such a situation camera trap will act quickly and take a snap of the guy and send it to your email ID.

Device Lock - This is also another useful feature which help us to protect your android smartphone from thief. For example, if someone tries to change the sim card from your smartphone, this feature will act quickly and lock your phone using it.

Find more information about the application:
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So with this antivirus application, your android phone will be highly secured from viruses and malware.